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Soul Power (SOUL) is designed to unlock new features for the SoulSwap mobile application, which will become available on the Apple App Store on (or before) Halloween, which is on October 31st, 2023.

How will SOUL be used?

  • We have a few features that are exclusive for SOUL holders, which will be revealed on our launch day. If you would like to receive the opportunity to test our beta app, please click the link here or by sending a message to Buns or SoulSwap on Twitter.

What is "AURA" and how does AURA work?

AURA is designed to represent a member's involvement with the Soul Protocol. Basically, it captures how much value one provides in our ecosystem, by applying a simple calculation to determine one's AURA power:

SOUL Balance



Pending SOUL Rewards (Bonds)

Note on Asset Balances

  • Balances: AURA is captured from your wallet and deposits in of our farms.

    • For Example: SOUL-FTM in your wallet and SOUL-FTM deposited in farms.

      • Also applies to SOUL -- both wallet and staked SOUL is accounted for.

  • When calculating the value of each LP: we take the underlying SOUL value of each pair, which is simply twice (2x) the amount of SOUL per LP.

    • For Example: suppose 1 SOUL-AVAX LP contains 100 SOUL each

      • Step One: Double the 100 SOUL to capture points per LP = 200 SOUL

      • Step Two: Multiply your LP balance by 200 SOUL = 200 SOUL x LP

We handle the calculations for you, which is available on your home Dashboard once you download the iOS mobile app, so you can always know where you stand.

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