💱Swapping Tokens

The swap interface allows anyone to exchange one cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency without KYC or third party involved, allowing for a smooth, effortless experience.

Navigate to our interface accessible via the designated URL: app.soulswap.finance

Select the currencies you are swapping. In our case, we will be swapping our FTM for SOUL.

Input the amount as the amount of currency you want to exchange FROM.

Confirm Prompt Details: 1. Amount From: this is the amount of the FROM currency to be exchanged.

2. Amount Received: this is the amount of the TO currency expected in return for the given FROM amount.

3. The details of the transaction: price, minimum received, price impact, and liquidity provider fee).

4. Swap (Anyway) button: enables us to proceed with our transaction. Note: you may have noticed that the amount of SOUL (from token) has changed in the Confirm Prompt. This is because users like yourself are also swapping, in real time, which causes the value of each currency in the pair (in this case, SOUL/FTM) to exchange. Now there will be a prompt to wait for confirmation, the a MetaMask notification at the top right of our screen, providing you with a few options to choose from. Notice at the top of the MetaMask notification the account you are sending FTM to and address, the address belongs to the contract we are sending our FTM to in order to activate the swap function, which will send us the equivalent TO tokens, in our demonstrated case SOUL in a decentralized fashion. Confirm this notification to approve. This will submit the transaction to be mined and, if successful, we will receive the coveted SOUL.

Ensure your transaction was successful by viewing your updated balances for the FROM token and the TO token. Congratulations, you now own SoulPower -- take a bow!

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