Soul Power

Soul Power is our native utility token that represents your share of the Soul Finance Organization.


Soul Power is the primary utility token utilized across every aspect of the Soul Finance Ecosystem and is your key to all of the mechanism and applications we roll out over time.

Similar to the Soul Summoner, the Soul Power contract is controlled by distinct roles belonging to separate houses each having a system of internal checks to ensure fair governance over the Protocol.

Soul Power Divination Ceremony

In the constructor, we channel the roles of the Anunnaki and Thoth -- supreme overlords and the ancient Egyptian God of magic and wisdom. The House of Anunnaki is able to grant access to the House of Thoth and the House of Thoth is able to mint Soul Power. In the event that Thoth grows too power-hungry and mints beyond bounds, Anunnaki is able to revoke the power vested in the member of the House of Thoth.

// channels the power of the anunnaki and thoth to the deployer (deployer)

constructor() {
    anunnaki = keccak256("anunnaki"); // alpha supreme
    thoth = keccak256("thoth"); // god of wisdom and magic
    _divinationCeremony(anunnaki, anunnaki, msg.sender); 
    _divinationCeremony(thoth, anunnaki, msg.sender);

During the divination ceremony, the deployer is vested the powers of both houses and crowns the house of Anunnaki as supreme.

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