Soul Summoner

Soul Summoner is the smart contract that has the power to create more Soul Power over time. We carefully crafted roles, variables, and structs to make this into the epitome of multi-chain execellence.

Soul is an ecosystem ingrained with a system of checks and balances and ingrained with multi-chain expansion in mind from the very start. We make use of hierarchical roles and variables that connect the Soul Summoner across infinitely-many blockchains.

Keep on reading for more. There is a lot happening under the hood. The upcoming pages break down how we manage to execute our goals in a way that makes unlike any other project out there.





Role of the House in command of adding new liquidity pools.


Role of the House in command of allocation and weight distribution.


Account belonging to the designated operators of the DAO.


Account belonging to the members of the DAO.

Divine Roles

In the constructor, we channel the roles of Isis and Ma'at -- ancient Egyptian Goddesses of magic and cosmic order. The house of Isis is able to create new liquidity pools, while Ma'at is able to adjust the allocation provided to each pool created. Naturally, as the Goddess of Cosmic Order, Ma'at is able to counteract the forces of Isis. Soul is an ecosystem ingrained with a system of checks and balances.

// channels the power of the isis and ma'at to the deployer (deployer)

constructor() {
    isis = keccak256("isis"); // goddess of magic who creates pools
    maat = keccak256("maat"); // goddess of cosmic order who sets allocations
    _divinationCeremony(isis, isis, team); // isis role created
    _divinationCeremony(maat, isis, dao); // maat role created

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