Q3 2021
Overview of our high-level objectives we aim to achieve. We provide these details as a reference point and we'll keep you updated on any deviations from our stated trajectory.

JULY 2021

Public Beta and Documentation


Landing Page and Explorer

Ceremony and Origin of Soul Power​

    Deploy: Soul Power and Ceremony to Fantom.
    Launch: Opening Ceremony for Contributors.
    Launch: Community Forum​

Summoning SoulSwap Exchange​

    Deploy: SoulSwapFactory and SwapRouter.
    Launch: SoulSwap Exchange with Liquidity for Soul.


​Liquidity Mining Rewards Begin

    Deploy: Soul Summoner Contract to Fantom
    ​Launch: Liquidity Mining Rewards
    ​Launch: Seance Circle Staking

Roll-Out Community Proposals

    Launch: Democratic voting platform for member of our DAO.
    ​Proposal: Practice Proposal
    ​Proposal: Pool Class Allocation
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